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Easy Tips To Check Before Calling AC Services In Santa Clarita

Air conditioner plays an important role in keeping our home cool. It is an amazing way to escape the hot summer days. It cools down the temperature of the room as well as our mood! It helps to relax at home and creates a soothing ambiance. But, we understand how much it becomes irritating when it stops working or produces hot air instead of cold.

It sometimes becomes impossible to call for professional AC services in Santa Clarita. For that reason, we have decided to tell our audience know about some of the essential tips to fix problems yourself. At least you can check whether the problem is minimal or needs to be done by the professionals.  If your Air conditioner producing hot Air, that doesn’t always mean that it has a big issue. So, without any further delay, let’s see whether you can apply these tips or not.

Tips to check whether you actually need AC services in Santa Clarita

  • Try to clean the filter

If your air conditioner is producing hot air, try cleaning or changing the filter. Before doing that don’t forget to unplug it. You should always change or clean the filters every 60 to 90 days for better performance as per the manufacturer’s specifications. If you delay the cleaning, the filters will become dirty. It will restrict the airflow.

  • Check if there is a problem with the thermostat setting

Before directly calling for professional AC services in Santa Clarita, check the thermostat settings, the batteries. If it is dead then you need to buy a new one. Check whether it is in the right mode. If it accidentally changed into heat mode, then you can fix it by just pressing a button.

Now if you see that there is a leakage in the duct, or there is no enough refrigerant due to leakage, then you can do nothing to fix these problems. For that, you need to call a professional AC service in Santa Clarita. Call us to know more!