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When temperatures reach into the nineties, your AC system becomes one of the most important commodities in your home. If it performs poorly, not only will you feel it, you’ll also notice a higher than normal energy bill. If your AC breaks down completely, are you prepared?

Call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Glendale, CA for high-quality air conditioning repairs, replacement, and maintenance by certified HVAC professionals. We can bring your AC system back to life so you can enjoy your summer days in cooling comfort. We offer 24-hour AC emergency service, flat-rate pricing, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Central Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services serves the Glendale community with AC repairs that are guaranteed. Our technicians are trained in the most current HVAC innovations to bring you the best repair service available.

We provide the following AC services:

  • Condensate Drain Line Flush
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Condensing Unit Coil Replacement
  • Metal or Plastic Drain Pans
  • Condensate Pump Replacement
  • Replace Thermostat
  • Refrigerant Leak Repair
  • AC Refrigerant Recharge
  • Control Circuit Boards
  • Fuses, Circuit Breakers or Relays
  • Outdoor Condensing Unit Fan Motor
  • Condenser Fan Motor

We will determine the cause of your AC malfunction and repair it quickly and up to code. If we find that your system is beyond repair, we can replace it with a new one.

Know When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

If your current AC system is not running as smoothly as it once did, it may be time for a replacement. Similarly, if your system breaks down completely, a new AC may be the answer. HVAC experts agree that if the cost of a new AC system is less than the cost of repair, it makes more financial sense to get a new one.

Another way to tell is if your system is more than ten years old and requires frequent repairs. When you call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we will first examine your current AC to determine whether to repair or replace. If we find that it is not worth repairing, we have a new one to replace the old system. Today’s modern air conditioners full of high-tech features, are energy-efficient and will also improve your indoor air quality. You will also see significant savings on your energy costs.

Call Comfort 1 Heating & Cooling Services to talk to an HVAC expert who can help you decide whether to repair or replace your system.

Routine AC Maintenance

You’d be surprised at how many homeowners opt-out of air conditioning maintenance. They assume that because their AC is new, they don’t need it, or they feel it’s a waste of money. The reality is that without AC maintenance, your unit will age faster and not perform as well as it should. Soon you’ll begin to encounter costly repairs and even total system failure.

Do yourself a favor and get a maintenance plan for your AC system. At Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we have a maintenance plan for every air conditioner, and every budget. Our technician will inspect your AC, lubricate moving components, change or replace filters, and troubleshoot any inconsistencies accordingly.

Don’t leave your air conditioner to fate. Call us to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans.

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Improving Your Air Quality at Home

Your AC system plays a big part in how good, or how bad, your indoor air quality (IAQ) is. If the air filter in your AC hasn’t been cleaned in months, if the ducts are full of dust, or if you have pets, your IAQ is going to suffer. You can get a head start by avoiding toxic cleaners, vacuuming regularly, and ensuring there is no mold breeding in the house.

Most of today’s modern air conditioners have built-in features that monitor your IAQ. Specialized HEPA filters that can block more dust and debris are also available. For a professional evaluation of your IAQ, call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services to speak to an air quality specialist.

Call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Glendale, CA at 818-620-9554 for central air conditioning repairs and installations, AC maintenance, and HVAC restoration, with 24/7 emergency service, flat rates, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.