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HEPA Filter for HVAC System in Sherman Oaks

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Easy-to-Remember Tips you can Follow to Choose the Right HEPA Filter for HVAC System in Sherman Oaks

Professionals of air conditioning services in Sherman Oaks flags off hepa air filters as one of the good ones. This filter is even approved by doctors as it is good for anyone with a history of dust and smoke allergies. The manufacturing process of a HEPA filter is known to give you a room where approximately 0.03% of suspended particulates float in the air. Such a low rate of dust content in the air will keep the person inside away from any symptoms of dust allergies.

Check the MERV Ratings

You can make your decision of choosing the right HEPA filter if you consider the MERV rating of your filter. The full form of this abbreviated word is a minimum efficiency reporting value. As the name suggests this rating ensures your filter is passing the bare minimum limit of functioning with efficiency. A filter that is capable of stopping any suspended particle whose size ranges from 0.3 (µm) to 10 (µm) will ensure a perfect HEPAto filter.

Size of the Filter

The size of your HEPA filter is the deciding factor to determine how good the filter is. Choosing the MERV rating will work only if you consider the size of your filter. Just like choosing the weight of your air conditioning or heating unit depends on the size of your room. The same factor determines the proper functioning of your HEPA filter. Choose a filter whose CADR score is equal to the square feet area of your room. You can consult your air conditioning services in Sherman Oaks to get more details on this tip.

Avoid Using Ozone Filters

This is a major tip to follow as your life can be at risk if you get a filter that emits ozone. Ozone gases are known to cause severe lung disorders. They are not good for our environment either. So avoiding it is the best idea you can follow.

For more details, it is better to consult an air conditioning service in Sherman Oaks. They will guide you to get the best HEPA filters.