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From furnace repairs to heating maintenance, we've got you covered in Pasadena, CA!

Looking for quality heating and furnace services? Call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Pasadena, CA for top-notch furnace repair, replacement, maintenance, and central heating installations by a licensed and insured HVAC company.

We carry all the latest makes of heating systems from leading manufacturers so you can trust you are receiving the best product on the market. Our HVAC technicians are trained to install and repair heating systems that will last for years. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 emergency service, flat-rates, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call us today to work with the most trusted heating contractor in Pasadena.

Heating services in Pasadena, CA

Before you hire a furnace contractor, check their credentials and customer reviews.

Quality Furnace Repairs & Replacement

At Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we understand how a broken furnace on a cold day can be stressful. So we make it a point to respond to your emergency call as quickly as possible. Other HVAC contractors may show up the next day if you’re lucky, but at Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services we show up within minutes of your call. We keep a team of heating technicians standing by to answer your call as quickly as possible.

We work on all types of heating systems. Our furnace repairs follow strict local code and are covered by a customer satisfaction guarantee, on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. Our furnace services including:

  • Repair blower belt
  • Boiler & heat pump service
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check for vent leaks
  • New furnace installation
  • Furnace repairs & replacements
  • Check pilot light
  • Check electrical wiring
  • Clean filters & burners
  • Repair gas & CO leak
  • Troubleshoot thermostat

We can also replace your old furnace with a newer model. Today’s modern heating systems have features that are energy-efficient, monitor air quality and humidity, and maintain even temperatures throughout the house.

Is Your Furnace Trying to Tell You Something?

Learning to recognize the telltale signs of a furnace that is performing poorly will give you a heads up to upcoming furnace trouble. The technicians at Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services are trained to spot issues with your heating system that point to more serious issues ahead, such as:

  • Startup issues
  • Runs constantly
  • Low heat output
  • Tripped breakers
  • Frequent cycling
  • Broken thermostat
  • Musty odors
  • Dust accumulation
  • High CO levels
  • Uneven temperatures

Contact us at the first sign of heater or furnace trouble before they get worse.

How Furnace Maintenance Can Save You Money

Some homeowners opt-out of heating maintenance thinking that it’s a waste of money. The truth is that annual maintenance can actually save you money by eliminating costly furnace repairs. With a maintenance agreement from Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services, your furnace will perform smoothly all year long without interruption. It can drastically reduce your energy bill and improve your indoor air quality. Your HVAC system will last years after its predicted lifespan when you provide furnace tune-ups regularly.

Our maintenance technicians will inspect your furnace looking for signs of damage and wear and tear, lubricate parts, clean filters, and remove accumulated dust. We will check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks and ensure that your furnace is safe to use.

We have maintenance plans for every type of heating system on the market. Call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services to speak with a furnace tune-up specialist to discuss which plan is right for your household.

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At Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Pasadena, CA, we offer central heating repairs, furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement, with flat rate prices, 24/7 emergency service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call 818-620-9554 to talk to a heating expert.