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Do You Have Ghosts at Home? Or Just a Noisy Central HVAC Unit?

Those Creepy Halloween Sounds Are Probably Your HVAC System

During October, it’s fun to get into the spirit of Halloween, to enjoy some spooky decorations and to take a trip to a haunted house. But, it’s never fun to feel like your home is a haunted destination.

Sometimes, a noisy HVAC unit can create a number of sounds that will make you feel like you’re living among ghosts. Here are a few tips from local professionals about ways to identify the source of noisy HVAC sounds and how to handle them.

How to Know if it’s a Refrigerant Leak

refrigerant leaksThe refrigerant in your HVAC unit is not like gas in your car – it is not something that your unit uses up. As a result, if your unit is low on refrigerant, it means that you have a leak or some sort of issue with your unit.

When your system is low on refrigerant it will lose cooling power and will not always blow cold air. A refrigerant leak is generally caused by holes or cracks in the coils that circulate the refrigerant. This freon leaking causes a hissing sound or, for larger leaks, a gurgling sound.

If you notice any of these signs of a refrigerant leak, it’s important to have your unit serviced as soon as possible to avoid cooling issues, health hazards, and a high electric bill.

Locating the Source of a Rattling Sound

A rattling sound from your outdoor HVAC unit often sounds ominous but usually isn’t indicative of a major issue. If leaves, sticks or outdoor debris fall into your unit and get into the vents, it can create this rattling sound. Additionally, a loose bolt, screw or fastener can create this type of noise.

rattling sounds

A less common cause of a rattling sound is an issue with the compressor, which happens in older units. If you notice a rattling sound from your outdoor unit, it’s a good idea to have the unit maintained, as this will usually resolve the issue.

Timely Identifying Electrical Issues

electrical issuesA buzzing sound from your HVAC unit probably is created by an electrical arcing, meaning that there is an electrical issue. This arcing could be caused by the contractor relay switch, circuit breakers, the condenser fan motor or electrical connections at any component.

Regardless of the source, if you hear a buzzing sound, it’s important to turn off your unit and contact a professional. Electrical issues can create safety and fire hazards, so it’s important to exercise caution and have the unit inspected by a professional.

Use these tips to help keep your house from feeling haunted this fall. And, always contact an HVAC professional if you have other questions or concerns.

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