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Get Creative With Heating & Cooling Decorations This Holiday Season

Simple Tips to Improve Your HVAC Decorations

The holiday season is here again. With it comes lots of festivities, events, and decorations. It’s a busy time of year, but one that’s much anticipated by many. While holiday decorations can be time-consuming, they’re something that many homeowners look forward to every year and get great joy from.

As you decorate your home and your yard, however, have you thought about how to include your HVAC in your holiday? Or how to make sure that your decorations don’t interfere with your system? To help you with both issues, here are some decorating tips from local HVAC professionals.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

outdoor hvacDecorating the yard is a labor of love for many homeowners. Every year, it’s a fun challenge to find a way to make the decorations just a little bit better than the year before. As you do so, have you thought about ways to incorporate your outdoor HVAC unit into the display?

If your unit is visible from the street, it’s likely an eyesore amidst your decorations. Avoid this issue by strategically putting a large decoration in front of the unit, outlining the area of the unit with lights, or hanging a wreath above the unit.

As you work to include it in your decorations, always prioritize safety and make sure that no decorations get too close to your unit. If you have questions about this, it’s always best to talk to a local HVAC professional.

Exposing HVAC System Vents

For many, furniture is moved for holiday decorations or the focus in the room is shifted due to decorations. This can result in exposing or highlighting an HVAC vent. While it can be tempting to cover these vents with decorations, it’s important to avoid doing this.

Covering vents will interfere with airflow and impact the way that your unit heats or cools. Not only will this make the room an uncomfortable temperature, but it also will cause your system to work harder than it should.

hvac system vents

Instead of creating a blocked air duct, considering putting lights or garland around them or finding other ways to make them part of your holiday display. Whatever you do, make sure that all vents are clear and free from obstructions to avoid needing duct cleaning repairs.

Decorating Window HVAC Units

window hvacWindow HVAC units can be a great way to heat or cool a room or section of your home. While they offer a good solution for homeowners, many think of window units as visually unappealing. However, if you have a window unit, it’s a great opportunity to add to your decorations.

Consider putting a battery-operated candle or lantern on the outdoor portion of the unit and surrounding the indoor part with decorations. It will add to your display and keep your window unit from standing out. Have fun decorating your home this holiday season.

As you do so, get creative about ways to include your HVAC system in the display. And more importantly, make sure that none of your decorations interfere with the functionality of your system. If you have any questions or concerns, play it safe and contact a trusted HVAC professional for advice.

Trust Your Local HVAC Pros

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