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For top-notch heating repair & tune-ups, call the most trusted HVAC company in Venice!

Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Venice, CA is the heating repair, and installation contractor more residents call when they need furnace service. We are a licensed and insured HVAC service contractor with many years of service to our community.

We provide high-quality heating repair, replacement, and maintenance, with top-of-the line heaters and furnaces. All of our work is done by HVAC technicians who comply with local and state code. We offer flat-rates, customer satisfaction, and 24-hour emergency service for those times when you need us most.

Heating services in Venice, CA

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Trusted Heating Repairs & Replacement

Don’t stress out the next time your furnace breaks down. Call the experts at Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Service for quality furnace repairs and replacements, central heating installation and state-of-the-art furnaces with all the bells and whistles on. All kidding aside, today’s modern heaters come with built-in features that enhance energy efficiency and comfort.

We’ll send a team of heating experts to your home to inspect your furnace and determine whether to repair or replace the unit. We carry on all types of heating systems with the manufacturer’s warranty in addition to our own service guarantee.

Some of our heating services include:

  • Furnace repairs & replacements
  • Electrical wiring inspection
  • Clean filters & burners
  • Gas & CO detection
  • Repair blower belt
  • Repair boiler & heat pump
  • Repair heat exchanger
  • Fix vent leaks

If you are ready to start over, we can replace your old unit with a new furnace that will provide a lifetime of warm comfort and energy savings.

Let Your Furnace Do the Talking

Your furnace will tell you when it’s time for a check-up. Ignoring it will only make small problems get bigger. Look for the following telltale signs that your furnace requires professional attention:

  • Runs constantly
  • Poor heat output
  • Tripped breakers
  • Cycles frequently
  • Startup issues
  • Check thermostat
  • Strange smells
  • Dust accumulation
  • High CO levels
  • Inconsistent temperatures

When left unaddressed, these problems will just get worse. Call Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services for a thorough inspection of your furnace.

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Furnace Tune-Ups for Optimum Performance

Annual heating maintenance can save you money, increase the lifespan of your heating system, improve indoor air quality, and ensure consistent warm temperatures all season. Our furnace tune-up experts will check your unit with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any signs of damage and wear and tear. We will lubricate moving parts, clean or replace filters, check ducts for air loss, and ensure that your furnace is ready for the winter.

Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services has the perfect maintenance plan for your furnace that won’t break the bank. Your maintenance plan will pay for itself with the money you’ll save on heating repairs. Call us to speak to a specialist and to choose a maintenance plan right for your home.

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Comfort 1 Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Venice, CA, offers central heating and furnace services, with flat-rates, 24/7 repairs, and customer satisfaction guarantee. Call 818-620-9554 to schedule a service call.